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thermal transfer printers arundel carries a full line of Thermal Transfer Ribbons including standard wax, wax/resin and resin thermal transfer ribbons. 43 Reviews. 11ac, BT This Item: Zebra ZT610 600 dpi 4" Thermal Transfer Printer. You will not need to change any settings. 1/10. As the printhead applies heat to the ribbon, it melts onto the label surface which can be a variety of materials including polyester and polypropylene. When fired, these heating elements transfer heat through the TTR and onto the label substrate. Domino's V-Series thermal transfer overprint coders are the most advanced in the market when it comes to ribbon economy, speed and print size. Combines with electronics and software drivers, these can convert a digital image into a physical image by “drawing dark lines” in the media. They have a print head with very low heat capacity allowing elements in the head to be heated and cooled rapidly. 50" Label Width - 39" Label Length Thermal Transfer Ribbons Supported by a full range of ink formulations, you can be confident that your Genuine TSC ribbon will meet the demands of your label printing application. It contains Panduit® Easy-Mark PlusTM Labeling Software, RMEH4BL hybrid black ribbon, an AC power adapter with US power cord, a USB c Show More. It is possible to print 2 colours using the CAB XC printer models. 53mm. From: $12. Options. Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Printing and Labeling on Flexible Packaging. I have two 3844-Zs; one for postage, one for labels. GoDex ZX1000 Series Thermal Transfer Printer with Cutter Stacker for Textile Applications Godex Cutter Stacker brochures v1. A thermal transfer printer can have print quality problems due to its environment’s temperature, especially in conditions where temperatures fall below 5 degrees Celsius. A diverse range of applications Domino’s V230i printers are ideal for goods packed using VFFS and HFFS machines and labellers across a wide range of food and healthcare applications: Print variable product information (e. Featuring high volume and high quality label printing, industrial thermal printer is ideal for manufacturing, logistics, shipping, and product identification. The typical printing system requires a dedicated PC computer (Windows XP or higher), which you supply. Thermal Transfer Overprinting How it Should Be For anyone needing to print variable data in intermittent mode in high volumes on packaging films, the brand new XTO is the perfect solution. Our label management systems sync with our printers to optimize the entire printing process from start to finish. Quiet, reliable operation and intuitive design make the PC42t the right fit for light-duty labeling applications in a variety of industries. From: $368. A thermal printer can use either direct thermal or thermal transfer printing technology to produce high-quality output that holds up better to wear, tear, and environmental elements. Call us today on 01903 368 400 or see our site for more info. Zebra Thermal Transfer Single Rolls. The high-performance thermal transfer printer is able to effortlessly process large quantities with a high printing resolution of 300 dpi, and is optimally designed for up to 10,000 large-diameter sleeves on reels. Advantech offers 203 dpi / 300 dpi / 600 dpi Desktop Thermal Printer built in USB, Serial, Ethernet, Parallel, USB Host interfaces. SKU: TLP2824Px. Thermal Transfer Printing is a unique process that stands unparalleled by other variable imaging technologies for bar code labeling solutions. Print technology: Thermal transfer (does also handle Direct thermal labels) Maximum print width: 162 mm. Exceptionally compact and easy to use, this printer is simple to install and ready to print quickly. Add To Favorites. Tough & Durable. This technology requires lower heat settings to transfer a printed image than some printing methods such as a laser Thermal Transfer Printers. ca sells Thermal Transfer Printers. SKU: 011-Z3i012-000 $ 5,090. Direct thermal (DT) and thermal transfer (TT), are two different methods of printing onto a blank label. 00 Thermal transfer printer Weidmüller THM MMP - 2599430000. More info Shop now! Thermal Transfer technology utilizes a thermal printhead consisting of individual ceramic resistors that are selectively heated to transfer the desired image from a coated ribbon directly onto the substrate. NOMENCLATURE. colonypapers. Our printer provides high-resolution printing along with efficiency and performance. Printing at 203 dpi, the CL408NX printers can print labels at up to 10 ips (254 mm/s) and can handle labels up to 4. The industry's best and most-relied-upon thermal transfer printer. We’re specifically talking about direct thermal printers here. Search for local Printers' Supplies near you on Yell. Thermal printers are still commonly used in seafloor exploration and engineering geology due to their portability, speed, and ability to create continuous reels or sheets. Thermal Transfer: When Thermal Transfer printing, you are using a thermal ribbon, which acts as a buffer between the printhead and label material. 4. Stuller, Inc. " The ribbons can be different colors, so the user is not limited to black print. Zebra Z-Select 4000T. Thermal transfer ribbons. The TTM430 thermal transfer printer from Hellermann Tyton is an easy to use label printer that provides maximum functionality to medium or large volume users. Description The new TTP-247 thermal transfer desktop bar code printer series delivers more performance for the price than any other printer in its class. They are available in rolls for mobile, desktop and industrial thermal printers including Zebra printers. Thermal transfer printing is highly cost-effective, the printers are not that expensive and the process produces many different types of long lasting labels for all kinds of applications, from outdoor chemical drums to long term freezer storage. Date coding machine offering the fastest speeds and longest ribbon rolls. 60. Print ready-to-use outdoor signs that do not need lamination. Thermal ribbons are designed with an acrylic back-coating, that serves to increase printhead life, by reducing static and friction. Get durable and versatile labels with a thermal transfer printer from POS Plaza. V320i TTO. Printable area: 100% thanks to automatic rewind of each label A thermal transfer printer is the printing method of choice for general signage, labels, decals, vehicle graphics, POP displays, exhibit graphics, short-run, and customized graphics. Full wax ribbons require a lower melting temperature than their counterparts, and are ideal for paper based materials. Direct thermal printing (also called thermal printing), occurs when a printhead heats up a thermally compatible label material, which then causes designated areas on it Quick view. When a thermal transfer label or tag passes through a thermal transfer barcode printer, heat from the print head melts the wax or resin. Dye Sublimation / Thermal Transfer. In our product range, wax-resin ribbons can be printed at speeds up to 300mm/s and resin ribbons can be printed up to 250 mm/s. THERMAL TRANSFER PRINTERS 4205A E-CLASS MARK III ADVANCED PRINTER Call for current pricing! The E-Class™ Mark III-A Advanced model is economical to operate, requires minimum power, reduces material waste, easy-to-install, easy-to operate, and can lower your material costs. It is a great convenience and I got them for a great deal on the other marketplace site. 00. Thermal Transfer printers are ideal for applications where only 1 colour (typically black) needs to be printed onto a plain or pre-printed label with variable data  Thermal-transfer printing is a digital printing method in which material is applied to paper (or some other material) by melting a coating of ribbon so that it stays  research and development, manufacture and marketing of barcode printers. 3" color touch display. 00. 98" / H: 13. Autobag AutoLabel PI 412cw Prism Thermal Transfer Printer. Thermal transfer printers deliver higher print quality than hot stamp machines, and current models allow for connectivity, enabling central monitoring and control. Keeping your thermal transfer ribbons in great shape is key to ensuring a high-quality print result and helping your Zebra printer maintain its efficiency. Inkjet printing still delivers the highest quality image if paper is the medium, but for other media, thermal transfer printing is the best way to go. Diagraph supplies a range of innovative thermal transfer overprinters, hot stamp imprinters, embossing printers and Kingsley wire, sleeve and tube marking systems in addition to a wide range of inkjet coding, all-electric labeling, and laser coding technologies. Marking & LabelingPortable Label PrintersThermal Transfer Printers. This process transfers ink to the label. Zebra ZT230 Thermal Transfer Printer - Desktop - Label Print - with Peel Option - Power Cord with US Plug - Serial - USB - and Internal ZebraNet PrintServer 10/100 Ethernet - ZPL - LCD Yes - 4. 70. OptiMediaLabs. These labels are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and support a medium to long-term lifespan. . Thermal transfer ribbon. Unlike any of its counterparts, thermal transfer printing provides fail-safe durability, versatility and high-quality image output. ZTT2350i 4" Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Machine Color Display, 300 dpi, 5 ips Able Label stocks a wide range of thermal transfer labels that are compatible with most popular printer brands and models including Zebra ®, Honeywell Datamax™, Intermec ®, Sato and more, as well as desktop printers such as Zebra® ZD420t, ZD500, ZD620t, GK420t, GX420t, GX430t, and TLP2844. This is accomplished by the printhead, which features heating elements with resolution from 203 to 600dpi (dots per inch). Featuring backcoat technology, Videojet thermal transfer ribbons are optimized for use with Videojet printers, and when used together, the combination helps ensure fewer ribbon breaks, better print quality, optimized adhesion and the uptime performance your operation demands. It gives you a head start thanks to its patented "beyond the dark" innovation. 600 dpi for highest resolution, small label printing of readable texts, images and scannable barcodes. Industrial-style monochrome thermal transfer printer with 10/100 Ethernet connection, Bluetooth 2. I’d guess the amount of sellers who use thermal transfer printers to be under 1%. In data processing, thermal printers are sometimes used to quickly create hard copies of continuous seismic or hydrographic records stored in digital SEG Y or XTF form. With the TTM430, you can print on a wide variety of materials, including all of Hellermann Tyton brand ShrinkTrak™ heat shrink labels. The TDP43ME Desktop Printer, with its durable construction, compact size and included Easy-Mark Labeling Software, provides simple setup as well as easy operation and use with all Panduit thermal transfer label media. 09" Print Width - 6 in/s Mono - 203 dpi - 4. Typically, thermal printers found in offshore applications are used to print realtime records of side scan sonar and sub-seafloor seismic imagery. Printing Type: Thermal Transfer / Direct Thermal; Maximum Print Area: Width: 6. Thermal transfer printers use ink in the form of ribbons (rolls of ink-coated material). Thermal Transfer Printers Like Direct Thermal printing, Thermal Transfer also uses heat to produce the labels, as the name implies. It's featured a small footprint but high performance, durability, and reliablity which is a perfect fit for retail applications, wristband label printing, shipping labels, POS, price-tags, asset tagging labeling that require cost-effective solutions. Thermal transfer uses a ribbon to print a durable, long-lasting image on a label. 00. D02 TTO is a small easy -to -operate pneumatic coder, adopting advanced thermal transfer technology. Printers are very reliable and are designed to operate in harsh conditions, including both warehousing and manufacturing environments. Requires a ribbon for printing; Can print in color with the addition of a colored ribbon If you have thermal transfer printing problems this article provides a number of solutions that will help you solve your problems and improve your printing output. The TT431 is the ideal entry-level model: perfectly suited for small to medium print volumes for all standard applications such as printing bar codes, warning symbols, logos and text. A thermal printhead applies heat to the ribbon, which melts ink onto the material to form the image. It can also print in a direct thermal mode if the ribbon is not used. This manual will help you understand the basic operations of the printer such as setup, installa- The innovative thermal transfer overprinters and coders from Domino Printing are ideal for packaging lines including labellers, tray sealers, flow wrappers, and baggers, whether you print text, barcodes, or images. The THERMOMARK PRIME thermal transfer printer is the unique combination of proven, reliable printing technology, a complete, integrated marking software suite, and a durable, independent energy supply. We have a broad assortment of thermal transfer options here to ensure that you find a solution that’s appropriate for your unique printing applications. What is a thermal printer? Instead of inks or toners, thermal printers use heated elements to activate or transfer printed text or images. 9 marking software; Smart Printer driver; Printer setting tool ; Use the Smart Script 3. Rugged, Feature-Rich Thermal Transfer Printer. Zebra ZT411/421 Series Label Printers The 4" wide ZT411 and the 6. In stock and ready to ship. l. TDP43ME Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer. Printer kit for TDP43ME has a 300 dpi printer. However, one of the most popular methods is called thermal transfer printing which uses roll-form labels and printing ribbons. 47" The AutoLabel 500 thermal transfer printer enables inline printing of graphics, text and barcodes directly on the Autobag bag, eliminating the need for a separate labeling operation. $52900. Duratran™: thermal transfer label products, available in both paper and synthetic facestocks, provide durable, high-quality printing and unlimited flexibility. It is ideal for a number of applications such as warehousing, barcode, courier and postal labelling and food labelling such as sandwich labelling. The heat in the print head causes the resin of a ribbon to form a high quality image to transfer itself to the label. These printers include tough, mission-critical thermal label printers designed for heavy duty cycles or harsh environments, and mobile printers designed with WIFI or Bluetooth connectivity. Effect on production efficiency Operational objectives—such as cutting costs, minimizing downtime, and reducing coding errors—also strongly influence the choice of coding solutions. In the thermal transfer printing process, material is applied to a substrate by melting a coat of ribbon so that it stays glued to the substrate. Zebra ZD62143-T11L01EZ 300dpi 4" Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer ZD620t – w/Dispenser (Peeler), LCD, 802. Thermal Transfer Printer Maintenance & Tips - Clean print head after loading a new ribbon roll. TT431 thermal transfer printer for low to medium volume applications. 0 . ingredients lists) onto The ZT600 series advances the legacy of the Xi series printers to combine rugged durability and exceptional performance on a user-friendly, future-ready platform. 4mm Label across: 1 Color: White, Black, Orange, Green Apple, Lavender, Blue, Red, Silver, Yellow, Pink, or Moka Labels/roll: 2,000 Core: 1″ or 3″ / 25mm or 76mm Perforation: Yes Adhesive: Max strength extra-permanent Temperature range: From -80°C to +110°C […] Thermal Transfer Labels. Since thermal transfer printing uses ribbon as the transfer agent, images produced by the process are highly resistant to chemicals and extremely durable. Maximum print length: 350 mm. 6W x 152. I considered exactly the same thing. is a leader company in industrial marking, thermal transfer printing and print-apply technologies. Citizen CL-S621 Thermal Transfer Printer. Capable of imprinting on two locations of the bag at speeds up to 12 inches per second, which equates to approximately 80 bags per minute in-line, this programmable thermal transfer printing system has been designed to meet all the newest industry-specific printing requirements. Thermal transfer printers are designed to complete a full label-printing job in one run. Need a printer thermal transfer ribbon? When you buy your thermal transfer ribbons and other supplies and replacement parts for your printer or copier at Precision Roller, you can feel confident that your thermal transfer ribbon will be of the highest quality and will be delivered promptly. Enjoy the optimal performance in today's on-demand labeling applications; Produce high-quality documents with this monochrome printer to increase your productivity Thermal Transfer Overprinters Full Line of Thermal Transfer Overprinters for Printing and Labeling Applications The Videojet® line of Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) delivers maximum uptime advantage and high-resolution, variable content for flexible packaging and labels. At BLANCO, we’re proud to offer a great variety of thermal transfer ribbons for Zebra printers, including general purpose wax, general purpose and ultra durable resin, and premium resin Thermal transfer printing is generally considered a highly cost-effective method, with relatively inexpensive materials. Thermal transfer printers require the use of a carbon ribbon which gets transferred onto the substrate via heat, hence the name "thermal transfer. The new ZD621t Zebra desktop printer line is available in thermal-transfer and direct thermal models to meet a wide variety of application requirements. Thermal Transfer Printing and Direct Thermal Printing. These next-generation workhorses are designed to help you navigate the rapidly evolving business landscape. 5” x 9. Advantech offers 203 dpi / 300 dpi / 600 dpi Industrial Thermal Printer built in USB, Serial, Ethernet, Parallel, USB Host interfaces. Category: Thermal Transfer Printers. 160 likes · 1 talking about this. The Thermal Print Head is the most important mechanism of a thermal transfer printer. Available with a 1. To ensure the right environmental and application resistance, the label material and ribbon must be carefully matched. It features a double wall clamshell design, 3. $4,501. Direct Thermal Printing for low cost printing. The ink is then absorbed into the label material. B&H # DNDSRX1HS MFR # DS-RX1HS. The ribbon is heated up in specific spots, which melts the ink-substance onto the paper. The YDP30 printer will automatically perform thermal transfer or direct thermal printing, depending on the particular paper you choose. THERMAL TRANSFER RIBBONS. If you face any other problems apart from those mentioned above, then it’s important to get your printer repaired by a professional printer service provider. Get contact details, videos, photos, opening times and map directions. Adopt the self-own patent technology, no air needed in operation, suitable for all kinds of production environment, greatly improve the operation convenience. This solution meet your needs through an horizontal or vertical mounting option. List Price: $927. Thermal transfer cannabis label printers require the use of a thermal transfer ribbon in order to print thermal transfer labels, tags and plant stakes. Industrial Label Printers for Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Label Printing. Almost every vacuum bottle on the market has its own unique characteristics, and each water bottle / travel mug brand has also spent a lot of thought on the design. Buy online. Pacific Barcode Label Printing Solutions is your best choice for USA Made Thermal Transfer Ribbons manufactured especially for Pacific Barcode by DNP. Experience in field thermal transfer ribbons converting for more that 20 years, allows our company to meet the suitable ribbon quality for all type of printers, depending on the material to be printed. Thermal Transfer printers are the perfect solution for long term labeling as they utilize a ribbon for printing. Barcode ribbon, fax ribbon and hot stamping ribbon Labelsontime. These printers use heat against coloured ribbons to print the desired pattern on label rolls, producing bright and long-lasting labels. Zebra Z-Ultimate 3000T & 4000T. Known for producing a highly durable final result, thermal printers provide a wide range of versatility and require minimal maintenance. Your tech support guys are awesome!" - Laurel, Laurel's Heirloom Tomato To run your thermal printer through Dump (Reset) Mode, do the following: Turn the printer off using the power switch on the back of the printer. The touch screen, capsule ink ribbons, and a replaceable battery simplify printer operation on site, directly where it is needed. Thermal Transfer Overprinter TTO. more ID TTP-247 Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Printer- Monochrome- Desktop- Label Print- 7 in/s Mono- 203 dpi- USB THIS IS A BRAND NEW UNOPENED ITEM. 9 marking software to easily create and print marking strips, markers and labels for any WAGO component. Boost Your Label Quality and Durability with a Thermal Transfer Printer. We offer ribbons for printing on mat or glossy paper, film, cardboard or textile. A new level of ease of use, application flexibility, management simplicity and TCO. Label size (W x L): 80x20 mm to 178x400 mm (applicator specific) Maximum media width: 180 mm. 8mm x 25. Price: $850. The following considerations, while not an exhaustive list, account for the key areas of review during the technology evaluation stage. Zebra TLP2824 Plus Thermal Transfer. The Brothers Anyhow offer cost-effective custom clothing and printing services in West Sussex. Thermal transfer printing is the most frequently used technology worldwide to transfer variable data (such as barcodes, serial numbers, logos, dates of sales …) onto labels and flexible packaging. is the #1 supplier of fine jewelry, findings, mountings, tools, packaging, diamonds and gemstones for today’s retail jeweler. "WestHort was extremely easy to work with and helped us get everything set up and working within moments of recieving the printer and supplies. com is a manufacturer of Thermal Labels for both thermal transfer and direct thermal printing technology in over 350 sizes. The printer will take both 1/2″ core 72 meters to 110 meters, or 1″ core 300-meter thermal transfer ribbons, allowing the customer to use whichever supply of ribbons they have available. V230i TTO. 2 out of 5 stars. Since thermal transfer printers require ribbon, supply costs are higher than direct thermal; however, thermal transfer printheads last longer than direct thermal printheads. TDP43ME Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer Product Bulletin D-IDCB69Thermal Transfer TDP43ME Desktop Printer-Quick Reference CardTDP43ME Firmware Update. 00. Thermal Transfer Printing Ribbons. 31%. We carry thermal printers of all sizes and capabilities from the most trusted names in the industry, including Zebra, Honeywell, and Datamax-O'Neil. Watch this video to learn more. Direct thermal and thermal transfer printing are two different thermal printing methods for producing high-quality labels and other printed media. Fast Facts. For example, to meet the strict requirements for fade-resistant printouts in regulated areas of the pharmaceutical industry, such as QC labs, just use paper for thermal Installation package for the Smart Printer thermal transfer printer: Smart Script 3. These thermal transfer labels have been engineered specifically for use with thermal transfer technology and thermal transfer ribbons to produce crisp images. Key Features. If you're looking for the do-it-all label printer, then look no further. See All Details. 9 marking software; Smart Printer driver; Printer setting tool ; Use the Smart Script 3. Code Print Quality. This technique provides unmatched image quality and durability on demand. Videojet’s range of thermal transfer ribbons are designed specifically to meet the challenges of flexible packaging applications. Choose from our selection of thermal transfer printer labels, including over 225 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. Enjoy consistent, premium quality and optimized performance through your TSC printer. Find Thermal Ribbons Direct in Arundel, BN18. The CL412NX also features on-board industry emulations that make adding the printer to existing systems easy and worry free. Both technologies are great choices for printing barcodes, text and images, but understanding the differences between the two technologies will help you select the ideal printer for your application. Press and hold the Feed button while turning the printer back on. com! Installation package for the Smart Printer thermal transfer printer: Smart Script 3. Titan 4 Thermal Transfer Printer This model will produce strip tags, light pot stakes, pressure-sensitive sticker labels, and 4x5" signs. 4 Seconds for 4 x 6". 32mm. The P422T’s modular thermal transfer print mechanism is protected by an outer ABS shell which is designed to withstand tough environments. Maximum code width. The global Thermal Transfer Overprinting Printers market is segmented by company, region (country), by Type, and by Application. The unit docks to packaging machines & can be rolled out when needed. Zebra® ZT230 Monochrome Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer, 203 dpi, Black/Silver (ZT23042-T31200FZ) Zebra - GX420t Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer for Labels, Receipts, Barcodes, Tags - Print Width of 4 in - USB, Serial, and Ethernet Port Connectivity (Includes Peeler) - GX42-102411-000 (Renewed) 4. 6" wide ZT421 printers feature a streamlined design and small footprint. Direct Thermal Printing uses heat-sensitive media that blackens when it passes under the thermal printhead. TSC manufactures both low cost thermal transfer "desktop" printers designed to print up to several thousand labels per day, and "industrial" thermal transfer printers capable of printing many thousands of labels per day. So, whether you're concerned about growing production line demands, increasing operational complexities, integrating Permanent FreezerTAG™ – Deep-Freeze Labels for Thermal-Transfer Barcode Printers Size: 2″ x 1″ / 50. Todaytec is a global manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbon headquartered in Hangzhou China. Max Resolution: 300 x 600 dpi. With a longer life-span and options for rugged label materials, thermal printers are ideal for product labeling, inventory and asset tracking, and outdoor applications. Zebra ZT610 600 dpi 4" Thermal Transfer Printer. Direct thermal printers do not require any form of ink or toner. It can be used with thermal  Eidos S. Fanfold labels stacks are also available. Domino's TTO range provides the ideal coding method in bag forming machines, vertical form fill and seal, horizontal form fill and seal and a variety of other host machines. $5,296. Labels Direct, Inc. What is the difference between direct thermal transfer and thermal transfer printers? Direct thermal and thermal transfer uses a thermal printhead that applies heat to the surface being marked. Thermal Transfer Ribbons. High speed traversing thermal transfer printers print high quality graphics & variable data on horizontal form-fill-seal packaging machines. SATO has produced a unit with intuitive user functions, excellent connectivity, speed of processing data streams, user activity interface, and so much more. There are two main types of thermal printing available: Direct Thermal Printing; Thermal Transfer Printing Duratran IIE Thermal Transfer Paper Labels, 101. 4L, Permanent adhesive, 76 mm core, 190 mm OD, 980 labels per roll, 8 rolls per carton, for industrial printers, pair with TMX2010 ribbon Sold in Box of 8 Rolls. Thermal Transfer Printers. Thanks for watching! Visit us for more at www. Support CD includes user manuals in several languages, links to firmware, drivers, and planning and marking software. Desktop Barcode Printer Labels - Thermal Transfer. The THERMOMARK PRIME is your transportable, mobile marking center. Note sometimes while putting in a new ribbon roll you will need to clean the print head a second time due to particles getting into print head from changing the ribbon roll (use EZ Thermal Printer Cleaning Card). SATO's CLNX Series offers a new and innovative standard for ease of use in the cannabis industry. 0 - 1085267 Thermal transfer printer for card materials, including Euro/US power cable and USB cable. In thermal transfer printing, the print image is defined by the three components: printer, label material and thermal transfer film (colour ribbon). The result is crisp, high-definition images of the highest quality—which is why thermal transfer printing is perfect for applications that require durable, long Order this Brand New Citizen CL-S621II 203 x 203 DPI Wired Direct thermal / Thermal transfer POS printer from Citizen. The XTRA-5 has a 5-inch print head and an extended frame to accommodate labels up to 9 inches wide. Pacific Barcode carries Thermal Transfer Ribbons for all printers and all applications. " - Josh, University of Pennysylvania "We love it! So easy to use, we had it up and running right away, printing beautiful labels. 128mm. Each type of printing lends itself to different types of applications. Thermal transfer ribbons are available in a variety of types for a wide range of labeling A direct thermal printer is able to tolerate temperatures a little colder than thermal transfer printers. Reliability. Total Price: Add to Cart. The site navigation utilizes arrow, enter, escape, and space bar key commands. 67. Thermal transfer printing requires a printer that works with a thermal transfer ribbon and media. It's easy to use, lightweight and portable, if you need to print in multiple locations. Thermal barcode labels printers are used in industrial applications such as printing shipping labels, location labels, asset labels, work-in-process labels, pallet labels, container labels, and product labels. $2,147. We are specialized thermal transfer printer manufacturers & suppliers in India having years of experience and a positive reputation. This is why label printers typically use thermal technology. The smooth surface of Teslin substrate accepts thermal transfer (thermal mass transfer) printing to provide a very precise, durable, smudge-proof image. g. 27" / D: 20. Prints 300 DPI images for high-resolution barcodes and graphics. This data enables identification and tracking of products for the duration of their lifetime. I did get another Zebra, but not a thermal transfer printer. $295. The light around the Feed button will begin flashing red. Add To Favorites. Delta9 Systems recommends thermal transfer printing for plant labeling. Thermal transfer printers use a heated ribbon to  The XLP 50x Label Printer series is the perfect print solution for medium label volume applications, available in 4 and 6 inch print width. It has a near-edge print head making it perfect for thicker nursery labels including pot stakes. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Images are outdoor durable for up to 5 years, with no lamination required. The AMACO Thermal Transfer Printer of the TTCI II series is available as continuous or intermittend printing solution to print fixed or changing data on the job. Thermal transfer printer, Resolution: 300 dpi, 250 markers/min (125mm/s), Color touch display, Configurable with available accessories, Compatible with Windows 7/8/8. Thanks to its independently operating printing heads, double-sided printing, with various content, is possible in one single step. Thermal cannabis label printers are used for printing barcode labels for just about any cannabis labeling application. However, unlike Direct Thermal printing, the heat doesn’t come into contact with the label. The thermal transfer printing process of stainless steel vacuum flask is already a mature thermal transfer technology at stainless steel water bottle factory. DuraFast Label Company sells a large variety of thermal transfer labels compatible with the leading thermal transfer barcode label printers on the market including Zebra, SATO, GoDex, Toshiba, TEC, Eltron, Fargo, NEC, Honeywell, Intermec, Printronix, CAB, Avery, Datamax, and many others. 1, and USB host prints 4" wide labels at 14" per second and 203 dpi (8 dots/mm) Element energy equalizer (E3) for quality printing and a metal frame and media cover for durability; LCD graphical interface facilitates use and navigation Thermal transfer printers are typically built more durably than dot matrix or laser printers, allowing reliable operation in industrial as well as office applications Thermal transfer printing limitations. Once you have your PC, Thermal Images offers several Printer Packages with everything else you need to get started -- including the printer, power cord/power supply, software, connecting cables and a "starter set" of premium wax ribbons and KEY FEATURES: Type Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer Model B-452-TS (4”, 300 dpi) Max Speed B-452-TS (4 IPS) Connectivity (Standard) B-452-TS22 (USB, Parallel, Ethernet) Ribbon Length (M) 300m Printer Language Toshiba (TPCL) Options Cutter, Peel Mode Weight (lbs) 11. 8” Simplistically, thermal transfer is a digital technology that melts ink from a ribbon onto a substrate to create an image. The smart solution to thermal transfer coding The V230i prints high resolution codes, text and images onto flexible foils, films and labels. Thermal transfer printing is a printing technology perfectly suited for on-demand label printing. 9 marking software to easily create and print marking strips, markers and labels for any WAGO component. 6” x 7. These printers can print either thermal-transfer or direct-thermal, and feature a thin-film printhead, 203, 300 or 600 dpi resolution and print speeds up to 14"/second. Thermal Transfer printers are ideal for applications where only 1 colour (typically black) needs to be printed onto a plain or pre-printed label with variable data such as barcodes and batch numbers. Half-size window - Check labels at a glance. The M10eTT is a thermal tr ansfer model and has provisions for using a thermal transfer ribbon. With thermal transfer printers, a thermal print-head applies heat to a wax or resin-based ribbon, which is melted to the label's surface. Thermal transfer printers use the same technology used in direct thermal printers. Zebra S4M - label printer - B/W - direct thermal / thermal transfer S4M00-2001-1700T Zebra S4M - label printer - B/W - direct thermal / thermal transfer s4m0020011800t Find your thermal transfer label printer easily amongst the 223 products from the leading brands (cab, SATO Asia Pacific, HENGSTLER, ) on DirectIndustry, the industry specialist for your professional purchases. Print Size: 2 x 6", 4 x 6", or 6 x 8". Thermal transfer printing produces dense, high resolution images - color or black-and-white - and can be used on a wide variety of substrates. 00. r. Thermal Transfer technology uses a ribbon to transfer an image onto the label material types such as paper and synthetic. If you do not see your printer in the dropdown list, use the InkFinder Utility in the right-hand column. Substrate is fed through printer to print head Thermal transfer printing technology uses thermally sensitive ink ribbons to produce barcodes that are both visible-light and infrared scannable. It offers an excellent print quality, highest integration flexibility due to a revolutionary modular concept, superior uptime, 100% tool-free maintenance and Thermal transfer printer - THERMOMARK CARD 2. The Gerber EDGE FX Thermal Transfer Sign and Label Printer is easy-to-use, environmentally clean, low in maintenance, and offers unsurpassed media versatility. The PC42t Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer sets a new standard for user-friendliness and affordability. 5 Dimension (W x H x D) 10. 20 Apr 2021 Southern ID Solutions Limited Ford Road, Unit B1b Maven, Arundel, West Sussex, everything from sophisticated in-house label & barcode printing, to labels; thermal transfer printers; thermal printing; ribbons fo Thermal Transfer Printers are ideal for long lasting printed materials and label printing. The Thermal Print Head consists of a fixed number of heating elements corresponding to the thermal print head’s printing resolution. Thermal Transfer Labels require a ribbon The WPL308 desktop barcode printer is a versatile medium-duty barcode printer that supports more printing applications than any other printer in its class. To this date,the maximum printing speed for RICOH thermal transfer ribbons is 600 mm/s on a near-edge printer (for direct printing on packaging). Our range of printers are of excellent quality and are available at a variety of price points to suit every budget. Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printer. Left and right arrows move across top level links and expand / close menus in sub levels. HTP600 Thermal Transfer Printer and Markers video (English) The HTP600 printer is an All-In-1 printer that brings peace of mind in all your marking projects. Speedy Zebra workhorse prints up to 4"/second. 61" / Length: 580" Resolution: 203 dpi and 300 dpi models; Print Speed: 12 ips; Memory: 512 MB Flash memory / 256 MB SDRAM memory; Dimensions: W: 13. TTO technology is highly reliable—in the unlikely event of a problem, simply changing the print head gets the printer running again. Thermal transfer overprinters for flow wrappers, baggers and labelers. Sato CL408NX Label Printers The CL408NX Series of thermal-transfer label printers from Sato include a wide range of features that make it a great choice for demanding label printing applications. Offer quick turnaround on custom graphics, short-run labels, and more. Zebra ZT230 Industrial Thermal Transfer Printer, Monochrome, Label Print, Ethernet, USB, Serial. 1" wide. It can print in 203 or 300 dpi to provide premium print quality, whether printing alphanumeric text or barcodes. Print Speed: 12. Players, stakeholders, and other participants in the global Thermal Transfer Overprinting Printers market will be able to gain the upper hand as they use the report as a powerful resource. 26in wide printhead the TT 500 is capable of printing onto flexible packaging and other materials at print rates of Nowadays, advances have given thermal transfer printers the best of both worlds: the high-quality images of inkjet and the speed and convenience of direct thermal printers. Versatile desktop printer The CL-S621II is a precision engineered, fast and easy-to-use unit that includes all the capabilities of the CL-S521II plus the option to print in both direct thermal and thermal transfer modes. of rugged, competitively priced thermal label printers to customers worldwide. Zebra ZT411 Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Printer - 600 dpi. This device produces clear prints that are easily scannable. Rugged metal case with 4. Zebra ZD420 Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer 300 dpi USB/ Modular Slot. For businesses and organizations that need long-lasting print durable and sharper prints on labels, tickets, barcodes, and receipt should opt for thermal transfer printer. The ZD420 is a fast, higher-quality printer that leads its printer class in deployment and management simplicity, ease of-use, application flexibility and total cost of ownership. You Save: 8. Thermal transfer printers have one moving part – the paper feed roller. Plus, you can get instant barcode reads making your business more reliable and keeping accurate data. 5 inches color TFT display (with real time clock), thermal transfer and direct thermal printing, 8 inches per second printing speed at a 203 DPI resolution and plenty of memory: 128 MB Flash During the printing process, heat from the printer's print-head will melt the wax-based ink and transfer it to the surface of the thermal transfer labels, forming the desired printed area. They come in two types: thermal transfer and direct thermal. Product Data Sheet; Zebra 5100 Premium; Black; 110 mm x 50 m; print ink ribbon refill (thermal transfer) for Zebra Z4Mplus, Z6MPlus, ZM400, ZM600; Xi Series 110, 140, 170, 220; Z Series ZM400, ZM600 Knowing the difference between thermal transfer printing and direct thermal printing is only the first step in evaluating the two alternative technologies for use in a company’s label printing application. Labels can be printed using several differing printing technologies. thermal transfer printers arundel